Politics in chess terms.

January eighteenth: Hankies eliminate the trash can problem with Kleenex. Which is good. I’m told that they are gross, but I don’t really care. https://youtu.be/qsN1LglrX9s. So, you can look forward to the heat death of the universe. I don’t know how young you would have to be to experience it. Well, probably a number with […]

I vote Tom Hanks as our Supreme leader.

January fourth: I wonder how this year is going to go. Right now it’s the seventh day of December two thousand eighteen. I will probably tell you when that changes, but you should know how bad I feel about that. It makes me a little out of date, but that really does not matter. Mike […]

Party politics in Batman terms.

December twenty eighth: On November twenty seventh I came across this sad news: “Stephen Hillenburg, creator of ‘SpongeBob SquarePants,’ has died.” I feel like I need some Gary to comfort me. The commercials on YouTube are like twenty percent louder than the actual video. I think that says something about the power of advertising money. […]

Same-sex marriage was legalized very recently. Almost disturbingly recently. Guess which country was first. You’ll never get this.

December twenty first: Paul Manafordt bought one fifteen hundred dollar ostrich skin jacket. It looks like any other black leather jacket. He’s one motorbike away from being a pretty stellar motorcycle rider. He also spent eighteen hundred dollars on some karaoke machine. Didn’t he at least shop around? On Amazon you can get one for […]

Happy Ashleyversary.

December fourteenth: Today is my anniversary. Or Ashleyversary. Which in two thousand and eighteen, and it is my third. I should probably say ours. Because it is not just mine. It is Ashley’s too, but she’s not talking right now. Hey, Muller started under GW Bush, and then only served under the first four years […]