Hello Facebook?

August seventh:We are losing about one thousand people per day. Why doesn’t the president mention it at his daily briefings. Well, he will probably have mentioned it a little bit by the time this one is posted. Keep in mind that right now it is July twenty third.Well, Kansas City was one of those cities […]

I hope Babe Ruth returns to life.

July thirty first:“Anthony Fauci says White House effort to discredit him is “bizarre”.” It is just that.“Dr Fauci: The Trump Administration Should Be Ashamed of Itself.” That’s what we get to sit through. We get to see how grumpy grandpa gets when he gets everything he wants. It’s sad. He is crying. Can you imagine […]

Tucker Carlson knows the game he plays.

July seventeenth:The North Pole has no land. It’s just a sheet of ice. Take that Santa. I don’t know what that means. I don’t even know what that is about, but I have the feeling that it was the right thing to say.I’m just (trucking) tired of this Trump show. Just know in my heart […]

We should be more than just numbers to our president.

July tenth:Well, I just heard a podcast kitty litter advertisement.“Republican senators refuse to back Trump’s ‘treason’ claim against Obama.” I think that sounds right.Well, the June twenty third elections cannot be tabulated until the thirty first. I guess hooray for mail in voting. Right now Biden is the guy ahead, but I think mostly old […]

First we to go to Mars.

July third:Trump hates losing. If he really wanted to win he would put some effort into expanding his base. I think him just quitting when everything goes down the tubes in August is likely. I also think he is going to sell himself as the guy who destroyed the Republican Party. I should keep in […]

Shower curtain Waffle House.

June twenty sixth:Joe Biden is just doing what he’s supposed to do. That’s what he’s saying he doesn’t want to defund the police. Because that is a poor branding. Think about what that really means. Basically it’s spending your tax dollars on things other than the police force. Kansas City pays like two hundred and […]

Points to Chicago.

June nineteenth:Everything right now is Orwellian. I don’t remember 1984, but I don’t think it ends well for a person in Trump’s position. Animal Farm is better. It has all the strengths of a fable. I don’t think I’ve actually read either. Well, probably before Stephan, but, unfortunately, I have a hard time remembering it. […]

We could use a Trump for this nightmare.

June twelfth:I created all of the blog posts until June ends. Good for me. I guess good for you as well.As of May twenty eighth forty million people have filed for unemployment. We also lost one hundred K American lives so far. Remember when the official stance was this was going to be over by […]