September thirteen: “Justice Dept. says Mueller report has been downloaded 800 million times.” Good for it. Everyone should read that. You have no right to talk about Trump being alright until you do. “Members shouldn’t vape or order ‘anything ending in -ccino,’ Mormon church says.” I had no idea that Mormons were not allowed to […]

If laughter was not a goal than explain Rudy.

September sixth: “Smiling ‘Team Mitch’ Supporters Pose While Choking Cutout Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.” That is scary. Also I think that New York is more of a shooting town. “Trump attacks Obama for statement on shootings.” Why bring Obama into this. He is just into kitesurfing now. The issue of AR-15s is your problem right now. […]

I don’t know what that says.

August thirtieth: My cat is mighty gabby. That’s a verb not a noun. So, her name is incredibly appropriate. Which is good. I named her before I even met her. So, in a way, she was exactly what I wanted. That was good. It feels like I won the lottery. The only bad thing I […]

I don’t know what that means.

August twenty third: “Oliver Stone Asks Vladimir Putin to Be His Daughter’s Godfather.” That’s okay. I am so glad I have another reason to dislike Natural Born Killers. I have no real opinions on it, but at least it gives me a reason to not have any opinions on it. ”Under federal law, Missouri residents […]

Who do you think is better at making headlines?

August sixteenth: How is telling people who are minorities to go back and fix their home countries not stunningly racist? To be fair they are in the right place to fix their home country. They’re all American citizens. You think he would be better at being racist than that. In fact I’m more upset that […]